Protein Determination by ELISA

A widest range of ELISA kits for you to choose from.  From your samples, we run the ELISA assayand provide the final calculated protein concentration.

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We have access to a widest range of ELISA kits for:
•    Most analytes – just let us know the protein full name or protein abbreviation or protein accession number.
•    Most species – human, mouse, rat, rabbit, NHP, zebrafish and etc.
•    Different sample types – plasma, serum, cell cultured supernatant, saliva, tear, stool, tissue and etc.

Our service includes:
•    The selection of suitable ELISA kits for you to choose from, based on your research criteria.
•    Pre-experiment consultation, design and plate layout.
•    Validation of ELISA kit before use, if required.
•    Execution of ELISA assay according to the manufacturer’s instruction manual.
•    Data analysis.
•    Submit report.
•    Post-experiment consultation.
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1. Picking a suitable ELISA kit can be a daunting task due to numerous determining factors such as species, sample type, sensitivity, detection range and kit availability from different brands.  Our scientistscan work closely with you and assist in the selection of the ELISA kit that meets your research criteria.

2. The cost of ELISA kit can be expensive. The sample is often limited and extremely difficult to obtain.  Therefore, there is often no room for trial-and-error when running the ELISA assay.  Our laboratory is fully equipped with ELISA technology platform and our technical staffs are scientifically trained to follow any manufacturer’s ELISA protocol.i-DNA can help to increase the success rate of your experiment.

3. The quality of data obtained from ELISA is dependent on every single determining factor in the methodology.  Therefore hands-on experience is the most critical factor to avoid error in any step of the ELISA assay procedure.  Our scientists perform ELISA assay frequently in our laboratory.  With the combined technical experiences, i-DNA can deliver the highest quality of data consistently.

4. It is understood that it takes a long time to collect sufficient number of samples to run one 96-well plate of ELISA assay.  i-DNA can work with you to co-ordinate the arrival of ELISA kit with at least 6 months shelve-life once the sample collection is completed.

5. Equipment in the laboratory are often poorly maintained and not routinely calibrated.  This not only has an adverse effect on the data quality but also can severely delay the experimental study.  i-DNA can turnover a project of any size in a timely manner specified by you.  

6. Setting up the ELISA technology platform is capital intensive and annual maintenance cost can be high, if your laboratory is not running ELISA assay frequently.  Outsourcing your ELISA test to i-DNA is cost-effective and hassle-free.  Plus you are able to free up your laboratory space and your precious time.

Target customers
1. Under-graduates doing their final year laboratory-based research project on a limited budget.  i-DNA can help from the experimental hypothesis right to the data analysis.  All the ELISA experiment can be done in our laboratoriesbased in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that arefunctionally setup for the ELISA technology platform.

2. Post-graduates doing their Masters or Doctorate degrees with so many different techniques to become familiar with.  i-DNA can share and show you from the basic to the advanced hand-on skills of running the ELISA assay.

3. Post-doctoral Research Fellows / Scientists with full of research ideas and hypotheses to test out in a 3-5 year funding timeline.  i-DNA can help you to transform idea / hypothesis into raw scientific data within days.

4. Clinical Research Scientists with access to patients and yet very little time for translational research.  i-DNA can help to extract information on biomarkers from patients’ samples.

5. Companies with unique needs to know (a) if the protein is present or not present in the sample; and (b) if present then the level of protein in the sample.

6. Research Consortium with a large sample size wanting to study certain biomarkers.  i-DNA can help from the sample collection, sample transportation, sample storage to biological data acquisition and analysis.