EZPrep® Cell Strainer

The EZPrep Cell Strainer,35 micron.

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APPLICATION:The EZPrep Cell Strainer,35 micron, can be used to remove cell aggregates or particles that are larger than 35 µm in cell suspension preparations for flow cytometry analysis.

STORAGE: Room temperature.


  1. Place an EZPrep Cell Strainer in a 12x75mm test tube.
  2. Add up to 2 mL of cell suspension.
  3. Cover the open end with gloved thumb to seal the strainer.
  4. Squeeze the strainer to push the sample into the test tube.
  5. The flow-through fraction, with particles smaller than 35 µm, is ready for flow cytometry analysis


  • PN: EP1035, Quantity: 50
  • PN: EP1035L, Quantity: 250

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